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cookbook smFor generations the Bouchard Family has been milling a unique light buckwheat flour in order to prepare "Ployes" (rhymes with boys). A recipe based on the one created by the French Acadian exiles who settled in Northern Maine, Ployes are as elegant as a fine crepe, as hearty as a breakfast pancake and as versatile as any bread. Ployes are creating their own identity. From appetizers to main course to desserts and snacks, they keep finding new ways to make meals interesting. We invite you to try a product rich in taste and history. "C'est Magnifique!". Bouchard Family Farm Ployes Mix -- The first-ever original French Acadian buckwheat pancake mix farm produced inkid1 Northern Maine since 1983. See History

The Bouchard Family Farm is committed to bringing to the general public the delicious, versatile and nutritional benefits of our mixes.

Bouchard Family Farm thanks you for visiting our web site and reviewing our authentic French Acadian Buckwheat Products. Maybe you will try a few of the ployes recipes or buckwheat flour recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Some including ployes burritos, ployes tacos, buckwheat coffee cake, gluten free pizza crust, gluten free buckwheat pancakes and more!

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