about1In the early 1980's potato farming had endured some extremely hard times. It was during one of these tough years when Claire, the eldest of the 5 daughters, had returned from a trip to Louisiana with a French Acadian doughnut mix called beignets. As the family sat around enjoying the doughnuts one of them asked why no one has ever made a mix for ployes. The seed was planted and soon after the family started working on the perfect recipe for ployes. Before long the family business moved from their kitchen into the two car garage which was converted into a mixing and packaging facility. In 1997, a 10,000 square foot building was erected to house the entire operation.  Alban Bouchard and his son Joe found the dismantled mill in Canada and took one year to piece it together, in order to mill the buckwheat on site.

Today the business has been credited to saving the family farm. Twenty years ago, in the Fort Kent area, there were approximately 40 potato farmers, today there are 5. Farming as an industry has not been easy. Though we have endured some stormy weather we believe that our creativity and determination have been instrumental in maintaining our way of life.

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