faqs1What are ployes?

Ployes are a French Acadian flat bread / pancake

What are the ingredients in ployes?

Ployes are made up of buckwheat flour, wheat flour, aluminum free baking powder and salt.

How are ployes made?

Just add water to the mix. Stir, let set for 5 minutes and cook on a hot pre-heated non stick surface (350-400 degrees). Electric griddles work the best. If using a non-stick pan use medium to medium high heat on the stove top.

How are ployes eaten?

Ployes are traditionally eaten as a flat bread, buttered and rolled with every meal. However, they can also be used as a hearty pancake or as an elegant crepe. Check recipes on the website.

Are ployes gluten free?

No ployes are not gluten free, but the buckwheat flour we grow on the farm is gluten free. Buckwheat is not a grain, but a fruit and part of the rhubarb family. See buckwheat facts. faqs2

Are ployes Vegan?

Yes ployes are vegan...there are no eggs, milk sugar, or oil in the mix.

Are ployes fat free?

Yes ployes are fat free, cholesterol free, sugar free, and lactose free. (3 X 5" ployes are 95 calories)

What are the benefits of buckwheat?

Buckwheat provides a rich source of complex carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and high quality protein. It is digested more slowly, thus a meal containing buckwheat leaves you feeling full longer, curbing the urge to snack. faqs3

Why are ployes greenish yellow in color?

The buckwheat flour we grow on the farm is called the silver-skinned or common buckwheat. It is this unique buckwheat that gives the ployes there unusual color and delicious flavor.

Can ployes be used as a crepe?

Yes, anything you can stuff in a crepe you can put in a ploye; a meat filling, fruit filling, or ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled on the ploye.. That's our personal favorite!

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